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A Man and a Woman working together


24 years of experience and during this journey fortunate to have worked and completed many unique R&D innovative projects. Blessed to have been part of two very large transformations from birth to maturity namely the revamped and Honored to have managed teams from 15 countries and collaborated and worked with team members from over 30 nationalities. Gained immense knowledge interacting with business stakeholders from all continents. Learned much from roles that spanned Design, Architecture, Development, Testing, Release, PMO, Infrastructure, Data Analytics, AI.  Ever grateful for having worked under many exceptional leaders across the globe. Throughout this journey, I learnt the power of working together to create a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Quotes I relate to 

A problem is only as big as you want it to be. 

Knowledge is everywhere. Google, Youtube is all you need.

When the times get tough the tough get going.

Being inclusive is not faking a smile. Its about showing respect in the same manner you wish to receive it.

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January 2013

  • Migrated two large finance companies fully onto the same cloud platform. Earned the distinction of being the first person in the world to successfully migrate a traditional large-scale banking firm from on-prem fully onto the cloud. The companies saw a performance improvement of 6x and an overall cost savings of 35%

  • Honored to be nominated into Oracle's Global Advisory Board.

  • Transformed how business was done in the finance companies of the Manappuram group and empowered customers to transact fully online (Web and Mobile). More than 70 percent of revenue is now secured through the online platform and this ensured flawless business continuity during covid. Distinguished as the first person in India to bring a gold loan company onto the digital platform.

  • Employed simple process enhancements and open source tools to ensure the stability of the data center and in a span of 9 years we have had only one unplanned outage. The uptime of the data center ensured business continuity and revenue generation. enhancements and open source tools to ensure the stability of the data center and in a span of 9 years we have had only one unplanned outage. The uptime of the data center ensured business continuity and revenue generation.

  • Created mobile and web applications to allow customers to book doctors' appointments, seek lab results, order medications, etc. This enhanced revenue generation of the health care center especially during covid times. It was also one of its kind and the second such application to be created in India.

  • Created an application that notified the retail business owners on which commodity to procure and from which vendor so as to increase the profitability of the organizations. This helped the business owners to cut operating costs by 25% and increase revenue by 20%.

  • Introduced the world of analytics to Manappuram. Custom-built own data marts and produced a highly effective analytical engine.

  • Enhanced process and procedures across branch outlets thereby ensuring the failure of hardware due to incorrect handling was reduced to 5 % and virus and malware attacks reduced to 0 % 

  • With the aid of tools both homegrown and procured introduced the concept of proactive maintenance whereby hardware issues would be known and rectified even before the business teams become aware of the problems 


August 2008 - January 2013

  • Created the first enterprise Build and Release team in Target. The deployment across 20 environments was flawless and automated. Created CI even before the idea became relevant in the market. The release team significantly reduced the deployment errors in production to next to 0 thereby ensuring that huge business losses were avoided post-deployment.

  • Created the first successful enterprise automation test in Target and reduced the overall code propagation time to Production by 60% thus meeting Target’s goal of faster to market.

  • Spearheaded all testing projects under and raised the bar by ensuring all projects were delivered with 0 defects in UAT


August 2004 - November 2005

  • Youngest Senior Project Manager ever handling the largest portfolio in the Nokia Online program. The multiple roles that were handled by me are the following.

  • Led developments teams from 8 countries

  • Led the infrastructure team overseeing 8 environments

  • Led the business integration teams of 16 partner firms

  • As release and implementation manager ensured the program was released as per schedule across 120 countries

  • Represented the program and was the liaison to Global Stakeholders.

  • Wrote and submitted a paper on how Nokia should establish a manufacturing hub in India to cater to the increased demand for gaming and other latest phones. A year later a manufacturing center  was created in Tamil Nadu


May 1998 - July 2004

  • First-person to successfully port applications from AS/400 V2R3 TO AS/400 V4R2. This was a milestone example set for all such similar migrations around the world and proved it could be done.

  • Wrote a white paper on how the QA department could be created in IBM India. Based on this paper a formal testing department was created making IBM India the only third IBM center worldwide to do so.

  • Wrote a white paper on how payments could be done digitally. This was long before we had payment gateways. A team took my paper and did attempt to make it. 

  • Wrote a paper on how IBM should diversify its product portfolios and focus on non-IBM technologies if it needs a better market share in Europe. Post this paper IBM started investing heavily in Oracle, SAP resources, etc. 

  • Introduced six sigma into testing of all Nokia projects. The testing efficiency dramatically improved with production defects coming to under 5 percent. The initiative was so successful Nokia testing resources were trained under me before worldwide deployment


Interested in learning more about me, my work or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Feel free to reach out anytime, I would be more than happy to chat.


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